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Instantly email or download a Cut Sheet

Export any product page as a cut sheet and share with a colleague.


Meet the easiest way to share product information.

Navigate to any product page on In this example, we'll look at Corbin Russwin's CL3357 NZD 612 cylindrical lock.

On that page, you'll see four icons on the top-right. The third icon looks like a vertical arrow shooting out of a rectangle. That is the all-new Share function.

This revised Share function allows you to email or download a cut sheet for whatever product you're currently viewing. Please note that the emails are

What's included on a cut sheet?

You'll essentially see everything displayed on a product page, arranged in a very similar manner. That includes all pertinent product features and specifications, along with a clear image, if available.

You have the option to include or not include your pricing on the cut sheet. An emailed cut sheet also includes a link back to the product on