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Our warehouse is yours.

Security Lock Distributors gives you access to the largest selection of electrical/mechanical door hardware and accessories in the industry without the expense of stocking up on your own inventory.

Our team is yours.

Our factory-trained technical team is the best in the business and they're available to serve as a resource for you. If you have a question, just chat, text or call. You can even send us pictures.

We ship same–day.

When time is of the essence, you can count on Security Lock Distributors for same-day shipping from the industry's most comprehensive inventory–all from three strategically located warehouses.—It's all here.

We built to help locksmith professionals get the job done right every time. See how our site can be your personal door hardware expert, 24/7.


Product filtering made easy.

Don't have a part number? The filter tool allows you to narrow down over a million items by the attributes of your choice until you find exactly what you’re looking for, nearly instantly.

Easily change lock configurations.

Jobs don't always call for standard configurations. allows you to quickly change critical configurations of most locks, like keyway, backset and strike, right on the product page before adding to your cart.

All available parts at your fingertips.

Don't go hunting around for parts. You can often find a product's complete list of parts, available for purchase, right on its product page. Just scroll down and click on the "Parts" tab.

We make smart suggestions.

If a product is (rarely) out of stock, or you'd like to see companion items, will intelligently suggest products that closely fit the same specifications as the product you're viewing.

Reporting on all the details.

Stay on top of your account. Know exactly what you've purchased, when the purchase was made, order details, and so much more. And you can export it all in the format of your choice.

Factory Creds

We stock products from over 100 manufacturers.

We maintain strong relationships with our factory partners. If a manufacturer makes it, Seclock can get it to you when you need it. If you need a solution to an unusual challenge, we can help you find it.

Competitive Pricing

We’ll take care of quotes from start to finish.

Our in-house quoting department has one goal in mind—to facilitate the quoting process and help you win jobs. No matter how complex the project, we’ll spec it out in its entirety and get you the most competitive pricing available.

We are wholesale-only.

As a wholesale distributor, we only sell to the trade – we work with you, never against you. Register now to get exclusive access to the most comprehensive door hardware site in the industry.