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  1. Electric Strike

    Electric Strike

    An electrical device that releases the latch bolt of a lock, to permit entry from a remote location or as part of an access control system. 
    Related Categories –
    Electric Strikes, Bolts, Magnets
    Related Terms –
    Strike Box
  2. Escutcheon (Elongated)

    Escutcheon (Elongated)

    A plate long enough to span a lock case and having holes for knob bushing, bit key, cylinder, turn knob and similar operating members as required. 
    Related Categories –
    Locks, Cylinders, Cores, Keyblanks
    Related Terms –
  3. Exit Device

    Exit Device

    A door-locking device designed to grant instant exit by pressing on a cross bar that releases the locking bolt or latch. 
    Related Categories –
    Exit Devices
  4. Extension Flush Bolt

    Extension Flush Bolt

    A flush bolt in which the connection between bolt head and operating mechanism is by means of a rod inserted through a hole bored in the door used to secure the inactive leaf of a pair of doors. 
    Related Categories –
    Hinges and Pivots
    Related Terms –
    Inactive Door (or Leaf)