Glossary of Terms

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  1. Active Door (in a Pair of Doors)

    The leaf that opens first and the one to which the lock is applied.
    Related Categories –
    Door Closers and Operators
    Related Terms –
    Inactive Door (or Leaf)
  2. AHC


    Indicates that the individual so identified is a qualified Architectural Hardware Consultant and member of the Door and Hardware Institute.
    Related Terms –
    Architectural Hardware
  3. Anti-Friction Latch Bolt

    A latch bolt designed to reduce friction when the bolt starts to engage the lock strike. 
    Related Categories –
    Locks, Cylinders, Cores, Keyblanks
  4. Architectural Hardware

    Term applied to all hardware used in building construction but particularly that used on or in connection with doors, windows, cabinets and other movable members.
    Related Terms –
  5. Armor Plate

    A plate similar to a kick plate but covering the door to a greater height, usually 40” (1040 mm) or more from the bottom.
    Related Categories –
    Hinges and Pivots
    Related Terms –
    Kick Plate
  6. Astragal


    A molding or strip whose purpose is to cover or close the gap between the edges of a pair of doors. Some types overlap, others meet at the center line of the gap.
    Related Categories –
    Hinges and Pivots
  7. Auxiliary Dead Latch

    Auxiliary Dead Latch

    A supplementary latch that automatically deadlocks the main latch bolt when the door is closed. (Also called Deadlocking Latch Bolt.)
  8. Auxiliary Lock

    Auxiliary Lock

    A lock that is installed in addition to the primary door lock to provide additional security.
    Related Terms –
    Auxiliary Dead Latch