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With a leading in-stock inventory of 100+ premium brands and the industry’s master distributor of mechanical and electrical door hardware and security products, SECLOCK is a true one-stop source for all your BEST needs. When ordering on SECLOCK.com, access all the finishes, functions, designs, lengths, voltages, and options BEST offers for their catalog of products, accessories, and components. Our unmatched expertise, unsurpassed inventory, and incredible speed mean that SECLOCK puts you on the path towards success and completing jobs quickly and efficiently. Explore our full offerings of BEST products and accessories:

Locks, Cylinders, Cores, & Keyblanks

BEST’s wide assortment of locks, cylinders, cores and keyblanks are designed to withstand the protection and security each of your applications calls for. The 9K Series Grade 1 Cylindrical Lever Lock is an ideal solution for heavy-duty retrofit and new construction applications that can be installed quickly and easily right out of its box. Due to its design, the 9K Series has wide compatibility with most large format interchangeable cores, making it easily adaptable without redrilling or rekeying. BEST’s 45H Series Mortise Locks and deadbolts deliver exceptional strength, security, and durability while offering the ability to reconfigure a variety of functions and change the handing of the lock all without opening the lock case. Learn more about BEST’s complete lineup of mechanical locks, cylinders, cores, and keyblanks:

Mechanical Mortise Locks

45H Series Mortise Locks
Mortise locks and deadbolts deliver exceptional strength, security, and durability.

48H and 49H Series Mortise Deadlocks
Designed for the protection and security needed for your openings.

Mechanical Cylindrical Locks

5K Series Grade 2 Tubular Locks
Light duty commercial tubular lock.

6K Series Grade 2 Cylindrical Knob Locks
Grade 2 medium-duty cylindrical knob set.

7KC Series Grade 2 Cylindrical Lever Locks
The 7KC Series has very versatile trims and has several finishes available to fit your needs.

8K Series Grade 1 Cylindrical Knob Locks
Grade 1 heavy-duty cylindrical lock.

9K Series Grade 1 Cylindrical Lever Locks
The BEST 9K Series is ideal for retrofit and new construction alike.

9KX SHELTER Cylindrical Locks
Industry-leading cylindrical lockdown solutions.

Cylinders, Cores, & Keyblanks

BEST KABA Peaks Cores
BEST offers Peaks®, the most adaptable and cost-effective patented keying system on the market.

BEST KABA Peaks Keys
BEST offers Peaks®, an adaptable and cost-effective patented keying system.

BEST Standard and Premium Cores
Premium keys are larger and heavier than standard keys, so they hold up to strenuous daily use.

BEST Standard and Premium Keys
BEST Standard key systems have provided security, durability, and performance in a wide range of applications.

E Series Cylinders
BEST cylinders are machined from brass or bronze bar stock and are available in a variety of finishes.

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Electric Locks

BEST’s catalog of electrical cylindrical and mortise locks combines electronics with traditional locks, granting you greater flexibility, security, strength, and access control for nearly any application. Due to BEST’s W Series of locks being engineered and manufactured from premium materials, they each have proven reliability for high-traffic and heavy-duty environments that can withstand long-lasting daily wear and tear. All series of electric locks are available with an assortment of finishes, applications, functions, cylinder types, and more…

Electrical Mortise Locks

45HBV Offline V Series Mortise Locks
Standalone B.A.S.I.S.® locking systems are driven by specially designed software that utilizes card reader technology and is integrated into BASIS software.

45HM IDH MAX Mortise Locks
Requires only one 4 conductor wire run.

45HQ Wireless Mortise Locks
Proximity Reader, UL Listed.

45HW Series Electromechanical Mortise Locks
Electromechanical Lever Locks.

Electrical Cylindrical Locks

8KW Series Electromechanical Knob Locks
The Best 8KW Electromechanical Lock is a Grade 1 heavy-duty cylindrical lock that provides the security you can count on.

9KM IDH MAX Cylindrical Locks
Convenient and efficient for your electrified lock applications.

9KQ Wireless Cylindrical Locks
Dual Validation Reader.

9KW Series Electromechanical Lever Locks
Electromechanical locks are built on the heavy-duty performance of the 9K series.

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Door Closers

BEST’s assortment of durable door closer solutions provides unmatched security and support to any opening they are added to. The HD8000 Series Heavy-Duty Surface Door Closer and HD7000 Series Surface Door Closer are high-traffic and moderate-traffic options that provide maximum protection against fatigue and abrasion and are built to meet ANSI A156.4 requirements. BEST’s SL6000 Series Surface Door Closer is designed to withstand the daily use of light-traffic environments and is available with a variety of arms, mounting plates, brackets, and finishes.

HD7000 Series Surface Door Closers
Housed in corrosion-resistant aluminum, these closers feature a backcheck positioning adjustment for parallel arm applications.

HD8000 Series Heavy Duty Surface Door Closers
Grade 1 hydraulic surface closers housed in corrosion-resistant aluminum with a hardened pinion/piston providing toughness and high strength.

SL6000 Series Surface Door Closers
Featuring backchecks and adjustable spring sizes, SL6000 is the ideal solution for a wide variety of applications, including barrier-free.

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The collection of keyswitches offered by BEST allows a user to remotely lock or unlock an opening for any safety, security, or convenience concerns. The SEDA STANLEY Secure Emergency Door Alarm is an ideal solution for behavioral healthcare applications where patient safety and security are a must. The full-width door sensor bar easily activates when an attempt to hang an item over the top of the door, alerting nearby personnel.

SEDA STANLEY Emergency Door Alarm
Prevents suicide attempts in a healthcare or behavioral care setting.

See our complete offerings of BEST Keyswitches.

Electric Strikes

BEST’s collection of electric strikes are available in a variety of designs and configurations, offering a solution for nearly every type of application. Primarily designed for access control usage, BEST’s inventory of electric strikes ensures confidence in securing an opening in both aftermarket and new construction environments, available in multiple switches and finishes.

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Recently it was announced that STANLEY Hinges will be joining BEST’s enhanced portfolio of products, simplifying access to resources and information into one trusted brand. STANLEY offers a suite of architectural hinges, electrified hinges, and more, that are designed to fit nearly any application. This move into BEST’s catalog will only see the branding you see on product packaging, installation instructions, technical documents, and product literature. The same range of products and quality you have come to expect will remain unchanged, along with the same warranty, specifications, and product nomenclature.

STANLEY Architectural Hinges
STANLEY manufacturers a suite of architectural hinges to fit any application.

STANLEY Electrified Hinges
STANLEY manufacturers a suite of electrified hinges to fit any application.

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Authorized Parts Department

Our dedicated parts department has a comprehensive offering of parts, components, and accessory items fully stocked with all the 100+ premium brands we support, including every BEST lock, cylinder, core, door closer, hinge, and more. Thanks to our unique stocking model, we carry all finishes, functions, designs, keyways, lengths, voltages, and options for just about everything.

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