Weekly Website Additions: BEST Locks, Trims, Strikes and Accessories

A breakdown of weekly additions to Seclock.com.


Security Lock works hard every week to keep adding products to the site. With over one million products already entered, we are aggressively taking a look at our catalog and constantly looking for improvements and updates.

This week we have added over 7,600 additional skus to our online catalog! Here is this weeks breakdown of new products and series that are now searchable on our site:

Manufacturer: Best

New Series Added to Seclock.com

B Series Padlocks 

P Series Push Locks

L Series Cabinet Locks

T Series Tubular Deadlocks

9KX SHELTER Cylindrical Locks

D Series Service Equipment

SPSL Stanley Patient Safety Levers

45HBV Offline V Series Mortise Locks

45HM IDH MAX Mortise Locks

45HQ Wireless Mortise Locks

45HZ Keypad EZ Mortise Locks

9KM IDH MAX Cylindrical Locks

9KZ Keypad EZ Cylindrical Locks

Best Electromechanical Lock Accessories

W Series Electric Switch Locks

EXBV Offline V Series Exit Trim

EXQ Wireless Exit Trim

EXZ Keypad EZ Exit Trim

Best Electric Strikes

New Site Additions:  Best Standard and Premium Keys, E Series Cylinders, 40H Series Mortise Components, , 6K Series Grade 2 Cylindrical Knob Locks, 7KC Series Grade 2 Cylindrical Lever Locks,  8K Series Grade 1 Cylindrical Knob Locks, 9K Series Grade 1 Cylindrical Lever Locks, 45HW Series Electromechanical Mortise Locks, 8KW Series Electromechanical Knob Locks,  9KW Series Electromechanical Lever Locks


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