Von Duprin Quiet Mechanical option now available

Controls motion to reduce operational noise, and provides damper-controlled lever return and re-latching.


The Von Duprin® QM option controls motion to reduce operational noise. It is available for the 996 trim, as well as 98/99 and 33A/35A rim and surface vertical rod devices. The QM trim solution provides a damper-controlled lever return. Likewise, the QM rim device option provides damper-controlled re-latching.

The QM option can be ordered pre-installed. Retrofit kits are also available for both the trim and device, which provides a cost-effective way to upgrade existing devices. No modifications to the existing door or frame prep are required. Compatible with other mechanical and electronic options including quiet electric latch retraction (QEL), accessible design (AX), request to exit switch (RX), cylinder (CD) and hex (HD) dogging to address a variety of applications. Von Duprin devices and trim with the QM maintain ANSI BHMA A156.3 Grade 1 (2014), UL305 and UL10C certifications.

Von Duprin QM Data Sheet

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