Von Duprin Quiet Electric Latch (QEL)

Provides electronic control of an exit device.


Traditional electronic latch retraction utilizes magnetic solenoids that require a high voltage inrush. When activated, the retraction of the solenoid results in a loud and abrupt sound. Motor driven latch retraction is more efficient and provides a much quieter solution with less of a disturbance.

  • Lower amperage requirements allow the QEL option to work with any new or existing Von Duprin or Schlage Power Supply
  • On-Board diagnostics provide visual indication if the system is installed incorrectly or encounters a user error
  • Automatically calibrates for specific openings and removes the adjustments required to the dogging rod
  • Option on all 98/99, 33A/35A, and 94/95 Series Exit Devices (Note: Retrofit kits are available to upgrade existing mechanical or electronic latch (EL) devices.)


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