Strength and Security For Almost Any Commercial Application

Smart, strong, and secure, the Schlage L Series is ideal for nearly every application.


Schlage’s L Series Mortise Locks offer strength and security for nearly every commercial application that delivers reliability durability and flexible performance throughout the rigors of daily high-traffic use. Available as mechanical, wired electrical, wireless electronic and multi-point door opening solutions, with a comprehensive offering of functions, keying, trim, levers and finish options, the Schlage L9000 and L9090 series work as a great option in any environment.

The Mechanical L9000 Series

Beyond strength and security, the Schlage L9000 Series Mortise Lock offers immense durability, reliability, and flexibility to meet the individual needs of almost every application. The L9000 Series having the ability to work across electronic, tubular, exit trim, and multi-point locks means that Schlage’s mortise lock integrates seamlessly into any environment making it suitable for all openings.

Additional Features

  • Exceeds ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 operational and security standards
  • Expansive list of configurations and options
  • 50 mechanical functions meet the requirements of most applications
  • Universal lock case that supports 10 different functions
  • 14 finishes paired with 33 levers, two knobs, five roses and three escutcheon designs to enhance any building style
  • Levers constructed of solid brass or solid stainless steel for a strong-yet-comfortable feel
  • Supports standard, SFIC and FSIC cylinder formats
  • Multiple key systems available

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The Electric L9090 Series

The electric Schlage L9090 Series Mortise Lock complements the mechanical L9000 Series and is ideal for high-traffic and new construction areas where electrified door prep, hinges, and wiring can easily be incorporated into the building and where hardwired power is needed for continuous operation. Regularly used as part of an access control system, the L9090 Series are perfect for high-security applications or areas where a remote access switch is required.

Additional Features

  • Universal input voltage – accepts 12 or 24V DC for installation flexibility
  • User selectable fail safe/fail secure – changing mode between EL and EU is as simple as flipping a switch on the lock case
  • Low maximum current draw – 0.4amps - allows multiple locks on a single power supply
  • Low holding current – 0.01 amps – produces minimal heat, eliminating “hot levers” in electrically locking applications and allowing reliable operation even in poorly ventilated wood doors 
  • All-new RX switch monitors the inside lever with enhanced detection level that balances security with lever sensitivity 
  • Modular RX design – RX can be added on at a later time without opening the lock case
  • UL listed for 3 hour fire door

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Ligature Resistant Options

The line of Schlage L9000 and L9090 Series Mortise Locks can be customized with a selection of ligature resistant options that are specifically desiged with multiple safety facests including recessed trim, sloped surfaces and concealed fastening hardware; the incorporation of these ligature resistant features help reduce the risk of injury or death due to ligature strangulation in hospitals, behavioral health facilities and detention centers.

The ligature resistant options are available as a complete new lock assembly, can be converted onto an existing lock, are available with lever, knob, thumbturn and cylinder rings, and are offered in 25+ mortise functions.

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Door Indicator Options

Door indicators offer a safe, smart and secure solution to high-traffic spaces that help reduce uneccesary contact with door hardware; Schlage’s L9000 Series have a vast selection of customizable door indicator options that are highly visable and easy to install. Preexisting mortise locks can be readily upgraded with door indicator options, each of which you can quickly and clearly see if a door is locked, unlocked, occupied or vacant.

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