Spotlight: Simplex and E-Plex

Giving you the best access control in a wide variety of styles and options.


Security Lock Distributors serves as your all-in-one source for dormakaba's Simplex and E-Plex lines. We're proud to have the most complete selection of Simplex and E-Plex anywhere, with hundreds of products spanning three dozen series. That includes every finish, function, lever and more. Browse through the entire assortment below.

Simplex Series

Offered in mortise, cylindrical, dead bolt, tubular, and mechanical pushbutton lock styles, all Dormakaba locksets meet the safety and security requirements of institutional and commercial doors. Simplex locks are available in a variety of finishes, functions, trim, and keying options.

Simplex 1000 Series
Simplex 2015 Series
Simplex 3000 Series
Simplex 5000 Series
Simplex 6200 Series
Simplex 7100 Series
Simplex 8100 Series
Simplex 900 Series
Simplex 9600 Series
Simplex EE1000 Series
Simplex File Guard
Simplex L1000 Series
Simplex LD450 Series
Simplex LD470 Series
Simplex LP1000 Series

E-Plex Series

Dormakbaba's electronic door locks offer excellent security for facilities of all sizes. E-Plex standard locks start as independent access solutions for a single door. E-Plex locks are then built into solutions that can span multiple facilities. E-Plex Enterprise software's wireless option allows advanced management, such as holiday and vacation blocks, access schedules, visitor management, and so much more.

E-Plex 1500 Series
E-Plex 2000 Series
E-Plex 3000 Series
E-Plex 3200 Series
E-Plex 3600 Series
E-Plex 3700 Series
E-Plex 5000 Series
E-Plex 5070 Series
E-Plex 5086 Series
E-Plex 5200 Series
E-Plex 5270 Stand Alone Access Controller
E-Plex 5286 Series
E-Plex 5600 Series
E-Plex 5670 Series
E-Plex 5686 Series
E-Plex 5700 Series
E-Plex 5770 Stand Alone Access Controller
E-Plex 5786 Series
E-Plex 5800 Series
E-Plex 5870 Stand Alone Access Controller
E-Plex 5886 Series

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