Spotlight: LCN’s 4642 Operators

The smart, reliable, low-energy solution.


From LCN's line of low energy automatic operators comes their 4642 — an electrohydraulic automatic operator with a push option nestled within LCN's 4600 series. The 4642 integrates LCN’s 4000 series mechanical closer to provide a manual opening experience specifically designed with accessibility in mind.

Here's what sets it apart

Perhaps most importantly, the 4642 provides easy access for the elderly and people with disabilities. It mounts on a door's top jamb, allowing 90 degrees of power opening. In the event of a power outage, the fail safe operator simply acts as a standard door closer.

With its environment in mind, the 4642 is made to operate quietly and reliably. It's also low-energy and requires no guard rails or safety mats.

This is a small sampling of what LCN's 4642 operator offers — interested in learning more? has a wealth of related resources and, naturally, the operators themselves.

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