Spotlight: E-Plex

We have the widest selection of E-Plex locks and the knowledge to get you what you need.


Security Lock Distributors serves as your all-in-one source for E-Plex by dormakaba. We're proud to have the most complete selection of E-Plex anywhere, with hundreds of products spanning nearly two dozen series. That includes every finish, function, lever and more.

E-Plex Series

Dormakaba's electronic door locks offer excellent security for facilities of all sizes. E-Plex standard locks start as independent access solutions for a single door. E-Plex locks are then built into solutions that can span multiple facilities. E-Plex Enterprise software's wireless option allows advanced management, such as holiday and vacation blocks, access schedules, visitor management, and so much more.

E-Plex 1500 Series
E-Plex 2000 Series
E-Plex 3000 Series
E-Plex 3200 Series
E-Plex 3600 Series
E-Plex 3700 Series
E-Plex 5000 Series
E-Plex 5070 Series
E-Plex 5086 Series
E-Plex 5200 Series
E-Plex 5270 Stand Alone Access Controller
E-Plex 5286 Series
E-Plex 5600 Series
E-Plex 5670 Series
E-Plex 5686 Series
E-Plex 5700 Series
E-Plex 5770 Stand Alone Access Controller
E-Plex 5786 Series
E-Plex 5800 Series
E-Plex 5870 Stand Alone Access Controller
E-Plex 5886 Series

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