Six reasons why is a game-changer.

Experience a live, personal walkthrough of, and check out why it's a one-stop-shop for all your door hardware needs.



1. You'll actually find what you're searching for.

It's a search engine that works! Type in an item number and find the item. Makes sense, right?

2. Don't have an item number?'s filter will find it for you.

If you know the finish, handing, lever design or anything else about what you're looking for, the Product Filter can narrow down over a million products in a matter of seconds.

3. You'll have the largest door hardware resource library in the world.

Instruction Manuals, Catalogs, Wiring Diagrams, Cut Sheets and more, from every manufacturer, here for you. View them in your browser or download as much you'd like to your computer.

4. We have parts. Lots of parts. For just about everything.

And they're organized in a way that makes sense. Go to an item, and view all of its parts. Everything's all in one place.

5. Companion Items give you everything you need.

Not sure if the item you're buying needs a ring, plate, or something else? will tell you. Companions are listed at the bottom of most product pages.

6. Friendly folks with decades of experience waiting to give you a hand.

Our technical sales representatives have seen it all, and they're here to help you out. Click the Chat icon and ask them to identify a lock, give you a price, or tell you a joke. (Note: We can't guarantee all jokes will be funny.)


Want to give a try? We'll set up a live, personal walkthrough for you and your colleagues.

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