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As the industry leader and master distributor of mechanical and electrical door hardware and security products, SECLOCK is your trusted one-stop source for everything SARGENT. Our in-stock inventory of 100+ premium brands includes SARGENT’s catalog of cylindrical and mortise locks, exit devices, power supplies, and more, that all offer unparalleled quality and performance for your every job. Receive confidence and peace of mind for all critical moments when upgrading your opening to any of SARGENT’s quality solutions:

Door Control Solutions

SARGENT door control options are designed to meet the needs of nearly every interior and exterior application, being ideal solutions for multiple door openings and heavily trafficked environments. The superior strength and heavy-duty construction of the 1431 and 351 Series Powerglide® Door Closers are great solutions for educational, commercial, and healthcare facilities that call for wear resistance functionality. The 281 Series Powerglide® Door Closer meets the needs of facilities that call for “cast iron” specifications, featuring a heavy-duty one-piece cast iron body for improved resistance and strength. Each door closer is complemented with a full array of arm types and valves while being easily installed and maintained.

281 Surface Door Closers
The 281 Series has been engineered to meet the demands of architects and building owners.

351 Surface Door Closers
The 351 Series Powerglide® Closer is ideally suited for highly trafficked environments, with a full complement of arm types and front-facing valves.

1431 Surface Door Closers
ADA compliant except Push Side Track application.

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Electric Locks

Available as Cylindrical and Mortise Lock options, SARGENT Electric Locks are constructed with high-quality components that provide maximum security for a variety of applications. As the standard for institutional environments, SARGENT’s 10G70/71 Series Electrified Lever Locks are heavy-duty cylindrical lock options that are Fail Safe (10G70) and Fail Secure (10G71) with deadlocking latches. The 8270 Series Electrified Level Mortise Locks are designed to withstand single openings and stand-alone applications and are field changeable between Fail Safe and Fail Secure functions. Both series of electric locks are available with an assortment of finishes, applications, functions, cylinder types, and more…

10G70/71 Series Electrified Lever Locks
The 10 Line is the standard for institutional applications.

8270 Series Electrified Lever Mortise Locks
Designed and constructed with high-quality components to provide maximum security.

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Exit Devices

The wide variety of SARGENT’s Exit Device solutions are designed to be easy to install and maintenance-free while offering an assortment of rim, mortise, alarmed hardware, surface and concealed vertical rods, and accessories and kits. Both of SARGENT’s 9700 and 9800 Series Exit Devices feature wide and narrow stiles with their classic crossbar looks. The 9700 Series Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device adjustable two-point latching that can be used for both single and double door applications. The 9800 Series Rim Exit Device combines quiet operation and strong security thanks to its featured rim bolt. Like the 9700 Series, the 9800 Series can also be used for single and double door applications.

9700 Series Surface Vertical Rod Exit Devices
The 9700 Series is a surface vertical rod exit device that offers two-point latching which is adjustable via the center case.

9800 Series Rim Exit Devices
Affordable exit devices ideal for use in courthouses, historic preservation projects, and full glass doors.

SARGENT Exit Alarms
Exit alarms are designed to signal a violation when a door is used for unauthorized exit or passage.

SARGENT Exit Device Accessories and Kits
An assortment of accessories and kits available for SARGENT’s numerous exit device lines.

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Integrated and Pushbutton Solutions

The assortment of cylindrical and mortise locks with Integrated and Pushbutton features from SARGENT are available in a variety of designs and finishes. The electromechanical versions of the 8200 Profile Series Mortise Locks can be used in stand-alone or integrated access control applications and operate from 12 to 24 VDC. The 10G77 Profile Series Cylindrical Lock is battery-powered and motor-driven and is ideal for applications that require stand-alone capabilities with authorized entry.

10G77 Profile Series Cylindrical Locks
Access Control Cylindrical Locks.

8276 Profile Series Mortise Locks
The 8276 Series operates with 6 “AA” batteries and comes in several lever styles and finishes.

8278 Profile Series Mortise Locks
The 8278 Profile Series has a clean, crisp design and is available in 13 lever designs and 10 hardware finishes.

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Locks, Cylinders, Cores, and Keyblanks

SARGENT’s large collection of Locks, Cylinders, Cores and Keyblanks are constructed with the highest quality of components and materials to maximize their durability, security, and performance. The 10-Line Bored Lever Lock Series is designed to conform to the state and national fire and handicap requirements and is a heavy-duty option that can endure more than 1.5 times standard forces of abuse. The 10x-Line Bored Lever Locks promises reliable experience throughout its lifecycle and is engineered to withstand high-traffic, high-abuse applications. SARGENT’s offering of cylinders, cores, and keyblanks are available in a wide range of keyways, cylinder types, and can be used with a plethora of their lines.

10-Line Bored Lever Locks
Grade 1, heavy-duty locksets offer flexibility to accommodate multiple applications.

10X-Line Bored Lever Locks
Grade 1 locksets that exceed standards for durability, strength, and performance by as much as 20 times.

Deadlock Cylinders
SARGENT Deadlock Cylinders has all types of high-security deadlock constructions for all needs.

LFIC Cores
SARGENT LFIC (Removable) Core Cylinders and Master Key Systems are available for a quick change of cylinders for increased security.

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Power Supplies

SARGENT’s series of Power Supplies help provide the necessary power requirements to all their electromechanical and access control products. Each circuit within the Power Supply box can be turned on or off individually from a slide switch and the status of each circuit is represented by LED lights.

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Authorized Parts Department

Our dedicated parts department has a comprehensive offering of parts, components, and accessory items fully stocked from all the 100+ premium brands we support, including every SARGENT mortise lock, exit device, door closer, door operator, and more. Due to our unique stocking model, we carry all finishes, functions, designs, keyways, lengths, voltages, and options for just about everything.

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