Schlage Electronic Lock Configurator

A great tool to help find the best product for your application.


Schlage’s Electronic Lock Configurator is a great tool to help find the best product for your application. You can configure all AD, CO, NDE and LE electronic locks. There’s nothing quite like having a web-based tool at your fingertips to speed up the creation of a lengthy product configuration and automatically serve up the part number and list price. Plus, this tool can help by:

  • Saving you money. Orders that are first created in the configurator tend to have far fewer errors that can cause delays and returns.
  • Getting it right in a foolproof way. Click “SAVE CONFIGURATION” and the tool validates your lock and confirms via popup message if it’s valid and shows you where a change is needed if it’s not.
  • Being mobile-friendly. Configurator works just as well on a smartphone or tablet as it does on a computer, so you can use it on the go.
  • Saving “My Configurations.” When you name a configuration by a job name and/or door number, you can go to the My Configurations section and sort by either type to get to a complete project list or to a specific door configuration that you might want to reference more than once.
  • Not having to start over each time. If you have multiple, similar locks on a project, you can go into My Configurations to reference a past configuration; click on the “copy” icon at the right, then simply make adjustments.

Access Electronic Lock Configurator Here

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