Norton 6300 Operator Series

Modular design, simple controls, and blends seamlessly with minimal header space.


The Norton 6300 Series Low Energy Operator offers a broad set of intelligent functions to safely secure a variety of moderate to high traffic openings. Its modular design and simple controls make for easy installation and setup, while its slim profile allows for the 6300 to blend seamlessly into the frame with minimal header space.


  • Latch boost ensures door closes to secure facility
  • Occupant safety enhanced by obstruction detection, power assist, and push and go functions
  • Inputs available for security override and fire safety


  • Modular, four-piece design allows for one-person installation
  • Heavy-duty back plate serves as template simplifying and speeding installation
  • Unit learns door properties (approximate weight) during installation for easy programming and setup
  • Easy-to-use controls simplify setup
  • USB port allows for quick software updates

Good Looking:

  • Unique design with slim profile blends seamlessly with frame
  • Low profile easily fits applications with minimal header space

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