Discontinued, Overstocked and Closeout Products

Select products now available with considerable discounts.


Deep discounts on select products

For a limited time, we're placing a select group of products on sale with considerable discounts. All of these items are from the premium brands you've come to know and trust. These are promotional prices and subject to quantity on hand. Backorders are not permitted.

The complete list of products is as follows:

Arrow CK02TE 3X26
Arrow CK08BE 3
Arrow CL02LC LH 3
Arrow CL02LC RH 3
Arrow CL08SC 3
Dexter ED2000-R-EO-3FT-SP28
Dexter ED2000-R-EO-4FT-SP313
Falcon Y12 HANA 605
Falcon Y161D DAN 605
Ives 3CB1 4.5X4.5 632
Schlage D10S ORB 613
Schlage D40S ORB 613
Schlage D70PD ORB 613
Schlage D10S RHO 605
Schlage D40S RHO 605
Schlage D70PD ATH 605
Schlage Residential F10 FLA LH 605
Schlage Residential F10 FLA RH 605
Schlage Residential F360V PLY505ACC605
Schlage Residential F51 ACC LH 605
Schlage Residential F51 ACC RH 605
Schlage Residential F51 ORBXFLA605L
Schlage Residential F51 ORBXFLA605R
Schlage Residential FA10 STA 605
Schlage Residential F362V PLY505ACC605

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