New NYC fire safety codes are now in effect.

Strengthening fire safety enforcement and outreach.


In wake of an unfortunate fire that occurred in a Bronx apartment building in New York earlier this year, injuring 44 people and killing 17 due to doors being left open as the residents evacuated, providing a pathway for the fire to spread throughout the building, New York City Mayor Eric Adams signed an executive order that enforces and educates the public about fire safety laws and rules for the city.

Effective immediately, Executive Order 12 calls for closer collaboration between the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD), and the NYC Fire Department (FDNY) that will increase coordination and sharing of information between the agencies and enhance outreach efforts, educating the public on how to respond to emergencies and prevent fires. Some of the measures Executive Order 12 includes are:

  • HPD inspectors will now look for compliance with FDNY’s requirement that the Fire Safety Notice is posted on apartment entrance doors while looking for housing code violations. If signage is lacking, HPD will inform FDNY and the building owners. FDNY inspectors will also conduct enhanced inspections for fire signage and posting violations.
  • HPD will provide FDNY with access to all violations about fire safety that have been issued since January 1st, 2021. This information will be used to conduct more frequent inspections of buildings that already have many violations present.
  • An educational fire safety outreach campaign will be conducted by FDNY and HPD that covers education related to smoke detectors, self-closing doors, and stove knob covers, what to do in the event of a fire, and legal obligations related to fire safety for building owners and tenants.
  • FDNY will conduct education outreach campaigns in schools, including educating teachers, staff, and students about all appropriate fire safety measures and proper evacuation procedures.
  • FDNY and HPD will regularly discuss whether additional steps should be taken to coordinate and enhance inspection, auditing, and enforcement of fire safety laws and rules.

Learn more about Executive Order 12 and read the full text on’s official website.

Photo: EPA/Justin Lane

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