New Ives Price Book

Featuring updates for Q4 2019.


We've just posted a brand-new price book from Ives, effective immediately.

Per Ives, here are the changes you'll see inside:

  • Page 14: Corrected wording for CON feature. All TW4 and TW8 3 knuckle and 5 knuckle hinges are standard with the Allegion Connect 8-pin Connector.
  • Page 21: Added note on 224 XY, (Handed with HT, TWP, EPT)
  • Page 52: Removed 619 finish from 506, 507, 507B, 508, 508C, 509C, 510C, 510BC & 511BC. This finish is no longer available on Decorative Hooks.
  • Page 53: Removed Z619E finish from 571 Coat & Hat Hooks. This finish is no longer available.
  • Page 87: Removed 643E/716 finish from 9264 and 9264F in 72” only, max length is 36”.
  • Various Pages- Due to manufacturing capability and sale volume:
    • Removed 643e/716 finish from Decorative Pulls and marked various finishes as extended lead times as noted.
    • Removed various finish options from Decorative Flush pulls.

Check out the new 2019 Ives Price Book

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