Medeco SFIC’s

Putting you in control of your key control.


Medeco’s SFIC suite of products puts you in control of your key control. From manufacturing your cylinder to the exact specifications to be compatible with your existing hardware to progressively more technical equipment, Medeco has the cylinder to meet the needs of your project.

Medecoᴮ cylinders are manufactured in the U.S. and compatible with your existing hardware. Popular keyways are available to key into existing masterkey systems in keyways such as A-Q, W and T. Medecoᴮ offers a cost-effective solution to expand your existing system.

Medeco X4
Our system of true key control offers the highest possible protection combined with superior keying capabilities. A simple upgrade to Medeco X4 gives you patented protection against unauthorized key duplication until 2027.

Medeco XT
Medeco XT offers audit and scheduling in SFIC. Medeco XT provides accountability, along with flexible electronic masterkeying capabilities, to protect sensitive or critical areas without changing hardware or costly hard wiring.

Video | SFIC Catalog | Medeco B Cutsheet | Medeco X4 Cutsheet | Medeco XT Catalog

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