Medeco M4: 50 Years of Lock Engineering, Innovation and Security.

Medeco's enhanced line of M4 cylinders offer the highest level of innovation, protection, combinations, and security.


The enhanced Medeco M4 line builds on more than 50 years of lock engineering and takes innovation and security to the next level - Now in stock at Seclock, the M4 line features all of the following security innovations:



The technology built into the M4 stretch the boundaries of features that can be built into a lock and key system, with a moveable key element and side & lift pins within the cylinder.


Protection against picking and bumping due to the cylinder side pins and lift pin, engaging the sidebar, prevent opening until the elements are aligned in the correct position. Through a patent-pending movable element in the key, duplicated and 3D printed copies of keys are deterred.


The M4 cylinders can be master keyed into a system that includes M4, M4 BiLevel and M4 CLIQ keys and cylinders and the secondary side-pin bittings provide even more master keying capabilities.


Specific Medeco key blanks and key cutting machines are required for duplication of M4 keys, available in multiple levels of restriction to support every need.


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