Introducing the LCN COMPACT™ Operator

Touch less. Spend less. The LCN COMPACT™ Automatic Operator.


The LCN 6400 COMPACT™ Series low-energy automatic operator is a perfect solution for interior doors in institutional and commercial applications; the innovative automatic operator enables you to expand more doors to touchless and accessible operation in a simple, budget friendly manner that promotes a healthy and accessible environment. The core elements of LCN’s 6400 Series consist of a motor gearbox assembly, 4040XP mechanical closer and wireless or hardwired actuators.

Due to the unique, module design of the 6400 Series automatic operator, retrofitting options are possible with the repurposing of a 4040XP mechanical door closer in an already existing opening. The ability to repurpose existing hardware makes the 6400 Series a simple upgradable solution that greatly reduces cost, installation and complexity that is often associated with automating an opening. For new openings, you can configure a complete solution to meet your needs with plenty of possibilities. LCN’s automatic operator can also be paired with a variety of touchless actuators for operation that is truly a hands-free solution.

6400 Motor Gear Box Module

The LCN 6400 COMPACT™ module kit includes a motor gearbox assembly, cover, door loop, and wall plug-in power adapter. No drilling, removal or modification to the door or mechanical closer is required if an existing 4040XP mechanical closer is used.

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4040XP Mechanical Closer

For new openings that require an automatic operator, order the 6400XP kit which includes the 6400 Motor Gear Box Module Kit and the heavy-duty 4040XP closer.

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Touchless Actuators

The LCN 6400 COMPACT™ Series is compatible with a variety of touchless actuators, allowing you to choose between battery powered and hardwired kit options..

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Additional features of LCN’s 6400 COMPACT™ Series low-energy automatic operators include:

Simple Design

  • The 6400 module connects to the mechanical closer with a mounting plate and just 4 screws.
  • Electrified module drives open mechanical closer that can be powered by a standard wall outlet or an external power supply.
  • An intuitive user interface allows you to set opening speed, power boost and hold open time.

Cost Effective

  • The modular design enables reuse of an existing closer and greatly reduces installation time.
  • Costs a fraction of what traditional solutions do with features that meet basic requirements of interior, non-latching doors.

Trusted Performance

  • Leverages the industry leading LCN 4040XP mechanical closer and is compatible with three different mounting configurations.
  • The 6400 Series is certified to ANSI Standard A156.19 and compliant with ANSI Standard A117.1.

For more information on LCN’s 6400 COMPACT™ Series Low-Energy Auto Operator, visit us online at or contact one of our Technical Sales Representatives available by phone, online chat, and email.

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