InSync from DormaKaba Multihousing

Key Control Systems for Multihousing


InSync is a complete line of locks for every residential and community living application. Unit locks are able to store an audit trail of up to 200 entries, Suite locks can store up to 100 entries while common locks are designed for heavy-traffic areas and can store up to 2,000 entries.

InSync locks work together with SAM RF software to create a single system that manages both key and access control at perimeter entries, amenity and utility doors as well as apartment or bedroom doors. With the InSync system, administrators program the locks once; the software programs critical information, such as access codes, onto the key.

Electronic lock models include:

  • InSync D deadbolt
  • InSync I interconnect lock set
  • InSync L lock with tubular latch
  • InSync M lock with ASM mortise

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