Factory Technical Support

Getting support and detailing the return process.


By Tom R., Technical Service Representative

Cumulatively here at Seclock we have over a thousand years of door hardware industry experience.

However, there is no substitute for factory tech support.  This is especially true when electrified or electronic hardware goes wrong.  Although we can usually help you find out what’s wrong, only the factory can approve returns of electric or electronic products that are defective, and we need that approval – in the form of a trouble ticket or other identifier – to allow us to take the product back. Rather than having two conversations about an electrifying problem, have one, and let it be with the factory.  At the end of the conversation with the factory you will know what to do, and if there is going to be a return involved you will be able to provide us with the proper information so we will be able to create the return.

If you need to return a product for any reason from within 60 days of the original purchase date, access the online RMA Tool through your Account Overview page.

There, on the left-hand side of the page, you will find a link to Returns.  This link will bring you to a page with a few basic instructions and a link to the RMA Tool

On the RMA Tool page you can select the order in which you received the product you want to return, let us know if you need a replacement and select the Reason for Return from the drop-down menu.  For returns involving defective electric or electronic products you want to be able to click “Yes” in answer to the question, “Have you contacted the manufacturer.”  Finally, after you enter your contact info, enter the trouble ticket number or other reference from your conversation with factory tech support. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Tom R., Technical Service Representative
Tom was a locksmith for 17 years before joining Security Lock Distributors in 1997 as a Technical Sales Representative. Tom was born in Bayfield, WI, and plays and writes music in his spare time.