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Norton’s selection of low power door operators come in a variety of options depending on amount of traffic and whether the entryway uses manual or automatic operation, all ready to ship the same day they’re ordered from SECLOCK. The demand for hands-free entry solutions has drastically increased over the course of the past year and will most likely continue. If you are in the need of high-to-low use door operator solutions, Norton is a leading option.

Learn more about the different options Norton offers and find the best solution below.

Electrohydraulic options

Norton’s 6000, 5700, and 5500 series of low energy door operators are electrohydraulic options that incorporate a door closer for smoother and more reliable door control. These series’ of door operators are best used in applications where doors are typically operated manually, but can also be activated through automatic operation via wall switches and motion sensors.

6000 Series

Norton’s 6000 Series low energy operator is a heavy-duty option designed for rigorous, high-use applications. The unit’s simple installation and adjustment features are met with a high level of versatility, allowing for seamless integration with a multitude of systems.

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5700 Series

The 5700 Series low power operator is an easy solution for medium traffic doors that need basic operator functionality that is comprised of three components. This option is both simple to install and use, the operator consists of a 1600 series door closer that has a proven history of dependability.

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5500 Series

The Norton 5500 Series of low power operators is an affordable option when upgrading doors with handicapped accessibility. Compatible with wave-to-open switches and sensors, the  5500 Series offers a completely touchless door opening solution that helps reduce the transmission of harmful germs.

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Electromechanical options

Norton’s 6300, 5800, and 5600 series of low energy door operators are electromechanical options that feature a motor and gearbox, making these options perfectly designed for consistent automatic operation. These operators are best used in applications where their primary function is to be used automatically, typically being activated by nearby wall switches or motion sensors.

6300 Series

Norton’s 6300 Series offers a broad set of intelligent functions to help safely secure a variety of moderate-to-high traffic openings. Its unique slim profile design allows the operator to blend more seamlessly with the frame while fitting challenging applications with minimal header space.

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5800 Series

Norton’s 5800 ADAEZ Series of regenerative power door operators reduces energy consumption by as much as 100 percent compared to similar operator options. The 5800 Series has wireless and plug-in options that are able to fit in the smallest of spaces, while being simple to install and use.

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5600 Series

The 5600 low power operator option provides a straightforward solution for interior, non-fire rated doors that are required to be automated to offer ADA-compliant accessibility. The 5600 Series is ideal for retrofit applications due to its easy installation and optional AC cord.

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