Electromagnetic Locks

Electromagnets remain a staple remote locking solution.


By Tom R., Technical Service Representative

Electromagnets, often called “maglocks,” remain a staple remote locking solution where local AHJ’s (AHJ = Authority Having Jurisdiction) find them acceptable.

Check with your local AHJ before new maglock installations. Local regulations vary widely. In some locations a wall mounted push button with integral non-electric time delay, clearly marked “PUSH TO EXIT” and within easy reach of the door (as defined by local regulations) is fine by itself. Often it is required as a redundant means of egress for use with an egress motion detector in case it fails, and more rarely is required as a redundant switch for use with electrically operated touch bars used for releasing the mag.

Creating a magnetic locking system is easy. You need:

  1. An Electromagnetic Lock
  2. A way to get in (access control)
  3. A way to get out (touch bar or motion sensor)
  4. A power supply with fire alarm interface relay

You may also need an angle bracket, filler plate and/or other accessory to make the mag fit the application.

Having no moving parts, magnetic locks are reliable and easy to install.

They are an expedient solution for fire rated applications that already have fire rated hardware installed on them. For example, on a stairwell door with a fire rated rim exit device and passage function lever trim that is always unlocked, the installer need not touch the existing hardware to achieve remote locking and can use an armature holder to avoid drilling all the way through the fire rated door. Since maglocks are inherently fail safe, they need only to be connected to the fire alarm panel to comply with fire safety code in many jurisdictions. Once again, check with your AHJ.

Electromagnetic locks are an attractive choice when extending access control or remote locking to a large number of doors in a big job because of their ease of installation and low current draw. They are also by far the easiest way to create a security interlock or “mantrap” system. And the delayed egress models are a popular choice for memory care facilities, hospital nurseries and card-in / card-out locking systems.

Security Lock Distributors has a great variety of electromagnetic locks and accessories in stock.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Tom R., Technical Service Representative
Tom was a locksmith for 17 years before joining Security Lock Distributors in 1997 as a Technical Sales Representative. Tom was born in Bayfield, WI, and plays and writes music in his spare time.
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