Adams Rite: Mechanical to Electrified Openings Guide

Making the move to electrified openings doesn’t have to be scary.

Adams Rite Dual Force 2190 Interconnected Deadbolt/Deadlatch

Adams Rite makes it easy by offering products for aluminum and glass storefronts that can easily upgrade your door and improve the safety and security of your business. Consider the following when making the jump:

  • Quality: When choosing Adams Rite products, you can trust our proud history of building quality and dependability into all of our products.
  • Compliance: Geography, climate, application and other factors play a big role in code compliance. Please consult local AHJ for more information.
  • Access control: Consider which elements and what level of access control is required to provide safety and security, given the particular application.
  • Costs: Examine not only the cost of purchasing products, but also the cost of labor to install and maintain the total opening. 

Steel Hawk 4300 Electrified Deadlatch

The Steel Hawk 4300 is an electrified no-cut replacement for MS® deadlocks and deadlatches and an easy alternative to installing maglocks or exit devices. Compatible with Adams Rite deadlatch trim including handles and paddles.

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Dual Force 2190 Interconnected Deadbolt/Deadlatch

The Dual Force 2190 combines the access control capabilities of a latch with the security of a deadbolt. Provides free egress out for safe passageway and can be easily integrated into an access control system.

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eForce-150 3090 Keyless Entry

The battery-operated eForce-150 provides basic access control for openings that don’t require an audit trail. It can accommodate up to 150 users and features an outdoor-rated keypad that can be programmed in three modes.

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3080 Series Electrified Entry Trim

The 3080 Series Electrified Entry Trim provides simple access control right in the lever set. It enables remote activation of the locking function without unlatching the door, making this trim ideal for stairwell and fire doors.

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