6 Types of Popular Door Hardware Finishes

Door hardware finish plays a significant role in the aesthetics of your space.


Door hardware is defined by a range of components that enhance the security of a home or commercial setup. The same hardware can also improve the elegance of a home, depending on the type of finish installed. Various types of door hardware like hinges, knobs, and locks come in different finishes, and among the most in-demand purchased finishes are chrome and stainless steel. But when picking these finishes, people consider elements such as durability, weather, and where the hardware will be fixed – which could be indoors or outdoors.

Let's break down some of the most popular door hardware finishes.

Stainless Steel

Emtek Round Knob, Stainless Steel

Brushed Stainless Steel Knob by EMTEK

Stainless steel door hardware is ideal for the kitchen, bathrooms, or any other part of the house where moisture is prevalent because it is resistant to corrosion. However, this type of finish can succumb to harsh exposure to sunlight, spray, and other unfriendly elements.

On the brighter side, it is easy to clean. Choose between satin or polished stainless steel finish hardware. Satin stainless steel is low maintenance and offers a modern look. Polished stainless steel exudes an expensive taste. Both are ideal for those seeking a neutral feel in their living spaces.


Emtek Round Knob, Chrome

Chrome Knob by EMTEK

As part of the hardware finish chart components, chrome is a durable metal that's easy to maintain. Being corrosion resistant contributes to its demand. Chrome door hardware comes with a satin or polished finish. The polished chrome has a traditional feel and is resistant to rust. In terms of color, chrome finishes are silvery.

Satin chrome hardware, on the other hand, is a hit because of its durability and easy-to-clean structure. It has a bluish shade and requires frequent cleaning. Note that it cannot easily get ruined by cleaning detergents.

Oil-rubbed Bronze

Emtek Round Knob, Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Oil-rubbed Bronze Knob by EMTEK

Bronze is a strong metal consisting of 80% copper, whereas the remaining 20% is tin. As one of the most purchased hardware finish options, oil-rubbed bronze has a dark brownish color achieved through chemical blackening. It has a rustic look due to its copper undertone. Oil-rubbed bronze may have a rough finish, but it brings out the flair in homes.


Emtek Round Knob, Brass

Satin Brass Knob by EMTEK

Warm without being gaudy, “brass” describes different finishes that have a number of different color shades and looks. But the most common is satin (or brushed) brass. It doesn’t show fingerprints or water spots, resists tarnish, and is on the lighter scale of all the brass finishes. Polished brass has a much more luxurious look being highly reflective, but is more prone to water spots, fingerprints, and scratches. On-trend, and fitting into many different styled environments, brass brings a warm alternative to cool-toned metals such as chrome or steel.

Antique Brass

Emtek Spoke Knob, Brass

Antique Brass Knob by EMTEK

For this door hardware finish, brass is chemically blackened to give it a rustic, old look. Made from 60% copper and 40% zinc, antique brass is averagely brown and sought after by buyers for its long-lasting build. Since antique brown hardware finishes are available from different manufacturers in varying shades, buyers are advised to order samples first. This helps them to purchase those that correspond with their interiors.


Emtek Round Knob, Fast Black

Flat Black Knob by EMTEK

One of the sleekest trends for hardware is flat black. This finish is usually a base of steel or brass that has been coated with a durable matte black paint or powder coat. Packing a strong interior design punch this finish compliments many different styles and decors, offering a high level of contrast or a blend with other darker colors. Wear and tear is minimal, showing nearly no spots or marks, making this modern finish an extremely popular choice for both commercial and residential settings.

Considerations for Selecting the Best Finish

Apart from the best finish type, consider other deciding factors when buying door hardware. These include the following:

Durability: a finish should be durable enough to last many years because of the aesthetic element. If it wears out quickly, it leaves a lackluster effect.

Location: bear in mind your region when purchasing door hardware finishes. Some finishes last longer in specific areas compared to others due to climatic differences. For instance, a bright chrome finish can withstand places experiencing high moisture levels.

Type of application: where the finishes are to be installed also matters. Commercial setups may require finishes with durability that remain unaffected by contact from many people. In addition, some settings like a hospital need easy-to-clean finishes because of constant human contact.

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